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Isfahan is the third most populous city of Iran (after Tehran and Mashhad) and the center of Isfahan province.It is the second most visited tourist city after Mashhad and Iran's second industrial city after Tehran.The city was the capital of Iran during the Safavid era at the height of post-Islamic Iran's power and authority And a lot of monuments have survived.One of the most beautiful cities in Iran and the destination for most domestic and foreign tourists.Millions of tourists visit Isfahan annually, most of them in the spring, and especially in Nowruz.Most of Isfahan's fame is historical monuments from centuries past (especially from the Safavid era) and the Zayandehrood River crossing through the city.Unfortunately in the last few years due to water supply of Zayandehrood River to cities like Qom and Yazd during some months of the year Zayandehrood River is dry. This has reduced both the beauty of Isfahan and the warmth of the air.

Isfahan is a city of four seasons.Its summers are warm and winters are cold. The city's autumn weather is mostly winter in the middle of the season. Isfahan's climate in spring is very temperate and warm.Due to low winds in autumn and winter and the phenomenon of air inversion, some days the pollution accumulates in the city center.At this time, the elderly are advised not to leave home. The best time to travel to Isfahan is mid-spring. At this time, Isfahan has clean air.

Isfahan has relatively good security in terms of maintaining its traditional population structure in most parts of the city, as well as the continued cooperation of people with law enforcement and security agencies. It can also be said to be one of the safest cities in Iran, and the presence of more than 20 police stations and three areas of resistance belonging to the Revolutionary Guards, as well as the headquarters of the Intelligence Bureau and other security agencies, have influenced the process of protecting the city.

Isfahan or Espahan means a troop and a horse.Isfahan city from ancient times to the following names: Apadana, Asifhan, Ehban, Esbahan, Spatna, Espadna, Espahan, Aspadan, Aspadana, Espahan, Spinner, Asfahan, Esfahan, Asbahan, Asbahan, Aspahan, Isfahan, Isfahan, Isfahan, Isfahan, Isfahan, Isfahan, Isfahan, Isfahan, Isfahan, Isfahan , Partak, Park, Paris, Paritacen, Pretikan, Jay, Darialhoudi, Rashourji, Sepahan, Sepahan, County, Safahan, Safahon, Gaba, Gabian, Gabie, Gabi, Gay, Half the World and Judaism.